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Welcome to the L418 I-NET!

     L418 Network Connections - An important part of L418’s DNA to connect with other ministries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to build up the church across the nations. We believe that Jesus builds His church through relationships and through these divine connections we can share vision and resources for the greater purposes of the Kingdom of God. If you are interested in exploring what connecting with us and becoming part of the L418 International Network, contact Apostle Gary Logston ( apostlegary@L418.com ).

L418 Africa

     There are now more than 300 ordained and commissioned L418 ministers active in Africa today, including over 20 Bishops and numerous Pastors, Deacons, and Five-fold Ministers. The L418 movement is alive and growing in Africa.

Current L418 I-NET Members

     The following churches and ministry networks are currently connected together in the L418 International Network (L418 I-NET): L418 Poway, L418 SDSU, L418 City Heights, L418 National City, L418 Uganda, L418 Kenya, L418 Tanzania, L418 Congo, L418 Ghana, Vietnamese Outreach International - VOI (Southeast Asia, China).

 L418 is happy to welcome our presiding Elders who are faithfully serving the church in Africa!